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Sunday, May 15, 2011

ACEO Update

I'm now able to offer free shipping on my ACEO on ebay.

Your ACEO will arrive with a protective sleeve and be wrapped with love and lots of extra padding to protect it on it's journey.  I'm including a discount code/message for next purchase from me.  This is my first original ACEO ever to be sold.  
My style isn't usually as whimsical as this but after all, we are welcoming Spring now!
I've begun a new series called "No one's Orphan".  It will be ready this Spring also.

I have a series coming up this Summer but I have to get a few legalities out of the way for my own sake as well as the potential buyer's.  It goes beyond copy right as I want you to know that you have my official little creation and it's authentic.  This little guy I came up with in the early 80's is worth being a copy cat about and we don't want that ;-) So I'll keep everyone here posted as to that.  

I've also made up some papier-mache cards for ACEOs,  Some have a small lip to hold some dimensional magic by mod podge from Dick Blick for a 3d effect.  I'll be painting direct on some of these and on other's I will surface with canvas paper depending on what sort of texture I am aiming for.  I can't leave out my papier- mache and Mod Podge for too long.  Recycle, reduce, reuse!

Here is a Postcard I did the other day and decided to leave it a little on the plain side.  It's called the Melting Pot?

Here it is:

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